Palace Acquire (PAQ) Program/ COP Program

If you’ve graduated with a bachelor’s or master’s within the last two years, you may be eligible to enroll in AFCS’ PAQ or COP Program. Those with a master’s or bachelor’s degree and real-world experience may qualify for higher-level opportunities.

PAQ is a paid, full-time, two to three-year training program for graduates interested in Science and Engineering, Financial Management, Cyber/IT, Civil Engineering, Intel, and more. Your training includes promotions and yearly salary increases based on performance and supervisor approval. Upon successful completion of the training plan, you’ll be offered a permanent position at AFCS, making it the perfect vehicle to launch the career you’ve worked so hard for.

COP is the Air Force Civilian Service’s comprehensive training program for developing Contract Specialists for permanent positions at AFCS. It provides you with immersive on-the-job training, working alongside AFCS and military Contracting Officers who will train you in every aspect of contract management, including market research, requirements definition, solicitation preparation, price justification, negotiation and award, and administration of contracts. You’ll work at the heart of the complex process of supplying and sustaining the Air Force with everything from satellites, electronics, and high-performance aircraft to supplies and services necessary for the day-to-day operation of military installations around the world.

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