The Career and Professional Development Center is committed to helping you DEFINE, DISCOVER, and DO to achieve your post-grad goals.  Partnering with you to align your personal values and skills with your educational achievements is our focus.  In the Career and Professional Development Center, we prepare you for more than just a career; we prepare you for your life’s work so that your vocation makes an impact in the world.

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Top 10 podcasts for early career job seekers

There must be hundreds and probably thousands of podcasts that provide a regular, wealth of information and insights that help college and university students and recent graduates as well as others who are searching for early career job opportunities.

The …

By College Recruiter
College Recruiter believes that every student and recent grad deserves a great career.
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What Is Career Readiness?

Being able to succeed in the workplace isn’t just about completing day-to-day tasks — it’s about working with others, managing your workload, communicating your results, and building your career. All of those skills are known as career readiness. 

Career readiness …

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What Is Upskilling?

Before you land a job, you might spend hours learning a particular set of skills to thrive in that industry and role. Once you start your first day, however, your learning should be far from over. Upskilling is when you …

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How Do I Do This? Career Fairs

For many of us, the idea of walking into a room and approaching strangers to talk about ourselves ranks at the very bottom of activities that give us confidence. What if there were steps you could take – actions that …

By Lindsey Kowalik
Lindsey Kowalik Senior Director
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