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Welcome to the CAHSS Career Community!

Welcome to the CAHSS College Community! The competencies you will learn with a CAHSS education are in high demand with employers.  CAHSS programs teach students to LEARN HOW TO LEARN.  Graduates are in demand because they know how to dive into diverse sources of interdisciplinary information, synthesize big ideas, and communicate succinctly and persuasively. Employers want innovative thinkers who know how to learn on the job, so be sure to highlight these skills in your job-seeking materials. What is that, you say? You are not sure how to compile a professional resume for your job search? Sign up for the CAHSS College Community and fill that gap! – Dean Nancy LaGreca

Our team in the Career and Professional Development Center are excited about the numerous opportunities available to you.  We are here to partner with you as you DEFINE DISCOVER and DO for yourself.  Regardless of the career path you are choosing, we can help you get started and be successful on your professional journey.  Have fun exploring the many resources available to you!

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