Our Lady of the Lake is offering an online GRE Exam Preparation course in Spring 2023! 

The Entrance Exam to Graduate School – the Graduate Records Exam [GRE] – has RETURNED!

Last year 2021, U.S. graduate programs temporarily waived this exam requirement for admissions due to all Testing Centers shutting down for Covid precautions. This year, as Testing Centers re-open across the nation, the GRE is now back in demand by graduate school admissions committees. Half of US law schools now also accept the GRE!

Hi, everybody! OLLU offers an onlineGRE Exam Preparation course here in Spring 2023 semester.

Please share with your students and program majors that we offer a online GRE Exam Preparation course here at OLLU in Spring 2023 (online), utilizing our Inter-University Agreement for Shared Tuition between St. Mary’s, UIW, and OLLU.

     The course will teach students test-taking skills to help them earn a higher score on the GRE General Test, the entrance exam to most graduate school programs.

A High GRE Score can open the door to students’ dream graduate school;  and a Low GRE Score can deny opportunities to otherwise well-prepared undergraduate students.


Instructor:  Dr. Gomez   jpgomez@ollusa.edu   #210-431-6577.

Spring 2023 semester.

I invite you to share both ATTACHED Documents with your undergraduate students, please:

  • a brief 2-sided FLYER describing the course, and
  • a related ARTICLE from Eye On Psi Chi (PSYC honor society) magazine.

Our Inter-University Agreement for Shared Tuition between St. Mary’s, UIW, and OLLU means your students can easily register for this course.

The procedure for a student to take an OLLU course is:

  1. obtain a Cross-Registration Form available at home university’s Registrar’s Office (ask about current procedures in case there were recent changes);
  2. obtain necessary signatures from home Registrar and likely your Dean;
  3. obtain permission/signature from OLLU Registrar, Melissa Delgado (#210-431-3959, registrar@ollusa.edu;  located in Walter Center Building, first floor);
  4. finally, register normally with Registrar at home university.

Thank you for sharing this information with your students.

    –John Gomez, BA-PSYC. Class of 1991, St. Mary’s University

By Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez STEM Coordinator of Student Engagement and Industrial Outreach