Rare Creative Fellowship with Google

The Rare Creative Fellowship is a program for emerging creative talent that offers hands-on experience and exposure across Google’s various in-house creative teams.

The creative industry’s long-standing traditions and conventional standards can often create a talent loop that is systematically inaccessible to many new voices and emerging talent. In particular, for creatives from non-traditional backgrounds, it can feel disproportionately difficult to gain access to the support they need to thrive in this industry. That is why we’re looking outside typical networks to find exceptional talent to join us.

The Rare Creative Fellowship places emerging talent on dedicated teams, gaining exposure and hands-on experience across Google’s various in-house creative departments. In tandem, participants are also invited to inspiring talks to enrich their experience.

This program ushers in a new, diverse network of creative talent and benefits the industry at large by bringing in fresh, innovative perspectives.


Before you start

Before you express your interest in a position, please confirm you have reviewed the following requirements to ensure you can fully commit to the program.

  • As of July 2023, you have work authorization in the United States. You do not require a visa nor sponsorship to work.
  • As of July 2023, you are of a legal age to work in the United States.
  • You can speak and write English fluently.
  • You will be living in the city in which you are applying for a role. (Locations are listed in the individual job descriptions.)
  • You are able to commit to a full-time position on the Rare Creative Fellowship for six months (July 2023 – December 2023).
  • You understand that you will be employed as a freelancer via Google’s staffing partners.
  • You have read the FAQs and understand what’s required for the application process.

If you have a disability or special need that requires accommodation, please let us know. Simply email us at creative-fellowship@google.com and we’ll be happy to help.

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By Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez STEM Coordinator of Student Engagement and Industrial Outreach