North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) will present an in-person course called Vasculata 2023 

We have some important information about a program for your students in Biology and Life Sciences and hope that you can forward this letter to the appropriate people who will share this information with their students.

This summer from July 17-20, the North American Vascular Biology Organization (NAVBO) will present an in-person course called Vasculata 2023 that promotes the study of vascular biology, held this year at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. More information is on our web site:

Vasculata is designed to present an overview of the field and to highlight future areas of active research. Individuals with an interest in vascular biology are encouraged to attend. The attendance primarily includes students (undergraduates, graduate, and medical students) and trainees (postdocs, research fellows, residents); junior and senior faculty can also benefit and are welcome to attend.  The primary goal of Vasculata is to promote the discipline and recruit the best and the brightest individuals to build the next generation of vascular biologists. 

In addition to the lectures, we will have poster sessions, grant writing workshops, career development sessions, and wet-lab demos.  The aim is not only to present the participants with a foundation in the field of vascular biology but to give them the opportunity to network with peers and senior investigators and hopefully establish some strong professional ties that will be invaluable to them in the future.

Registration fees are extremely reasonable – The Early Bird registration ends May 31. (Undergraduates can register for only $75!  Trainee members (Graduate students and postdocs) of NAVBO pay only $165.   

Our organization is committed to increasing diversity and inclusion within the vascular biology community.  Therefore, we would like to offer free NAVBO membership (a savings of $60.00) to students who are members of populations not well represented in vascular biology, including but not limited to Black/African American, Latinx/Hispanic, Indigenous Peoples of America/Native American (including Native Hawaiian and Alaskan), and LGBTQ+.  Furthermore, we would like to extend this offer to students who may be at a financial disadvantage and would find this offer beneficial.
Find out more about this complimentary membership program on the NAVBO web site

I hope you will encourage your students and trainees to attend Vasculata – I’m sure they will find it worthwhile.  All information concerning this meeting and links to registration, housing, abstract submission, etc. can be found on the NAVBO web site (  

By Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez STEM Coordinator of Student Engagement and Industrial Outreach