SAPD INTERNSHIP Accepting Applications (unpaid)

About the Internship Program

Our purpose is to work cooperatively with institutions of higher learning by providing qualified college students with the opportunity to intern with the San Antonio Police Department.

The San Antonio Police Department offers three internship opportunities per semester.

1. SAPD Internship (multiple interns)
The San Antonio Police Department Interns will have the opportunity to ride-a-long with SAPD Officers on both patrol and specialized units (i.e. Homicide, CSI, DWI, Dispatch, Night CID, etc.) to get a well-rounded picture of the San Antonio Police Department. This internship offers a diverse experience through exposure to different SAPD Unit activities.

2. Fusion Internship (one intern per semester)
The Southwest Texas Fusion Center Interns have the opportunity to ride-a-long with the SAPD Fusion Unit our intelligence unit. The mission of the SWTFC is to serve as an all threat/all hazard center for information/intelligence sharing and public safety through a
process of collaboration with other regional and national partners, which is balanced and guided by the need and responsibility to preserve the rights and privacy of the citizens we protect. 

3. Mental Health Internship (one intern per semester)
Mental Health Interns have the opportunity to ride-a-long with the SAPD Mental Health Unit. The mission of the San Antonio Police Department Mental Health Unit and the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program is to develop partnerships with mental health
consumers, their family members and mental health agencies and organizations to better serve the mental health consumer in crisis.

Length of Internship
The internship semester will run concurrently with the school semester. We offer Fall, Spring, and Summer internships. Completion will depend on how many hours are required by your adviser for the internship course. Hours vary based on University/College from 100 – 150 hrs.

The SAPD Internship Program is an unpaid internship. If you are looking for funding we suggest reaching out to your career services department on campus to apply for a grant to fund unfunded internships.


Program Requirements

  • Application: Referral from University or College. Student must be currently enrolled in the degree granting institution with a requirement to complete an internship prior to graduation and must have a letter of recommendation from their internship coordinator for internship eligibility.
  • Education: (GPA & Progress). The applicant must have a grade point average of 2.0 or above.
  • Personal References: References will help verify an applicant’s good moral character and fitness for the position.
  • Background Check: A background check of each applicant will be conducted to review past criminal history and driving record.
  • Criminal History: No felony crimes or crimes of moral turpitude. (reviewed on a case-by-case bases).
  • Identification: Must have a valid state issued driver’s license or identification card.
By Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez STEM Coordinator of Student Engagement and Industrial Outreach