Graduate Expo for Texas State Mathematics Programs

Texas State University is having their annual Mathematics Graduate Program Expo onNovember 4, 2022. This is a full day event where prospective students can learn more about our graduate programs, talk to faculty, and talk to current graduate students. 

Please encourage any of your undergraduates or masters students considering a Math Ed PhD to check us out. To register and get further information: 

We have some travel funds available for those coming from a distance.

Texas State has a fantastic Math Ed PhD program in our Mathematics Department with an active and diverse group of mathematics education faculty including RUME researchers: Jennifer CzocherPaul DawkinsBrittney EllisKristen LewKate Melhuish, and Cody Patterson. We also have mathematics education researchers in many other areas including statistics education, professional development, and a multitude of K-12 foci including: Jessica BishopSharon GronbergHamilton HardisonHwa Young LeeBikai Ni, Samuel ObaraRobert SigleyAlejandra SortoSharon StricklandHiroko WarshauerMax WarshauerTheresa Westbrook, and Alex White in our department. In addition, Luz MaldonadoJuan Martinez Hinestroza, and Juanita Silva are mathematics educators in the Curriculum & Instruction department.

More information on our Math Ed PhD program can be found here. To learn more about our math ed faculty, see our bios page. To learn more about some of our funded research projects, see our grants page. And again, to register for the grad expo, go here

By Vanessa Jimenez
Vanessa Jimenez STEM Coordinator of Student Engagement and Industrial Outreach