Hirewell Data Insights: Hiring Trends Q2 2022

Hi Rattlers, before we get started with hiring trends going into Q2, I briefly wanted to talk about Hirewell and why the information provided is credible.

For over 20 years, Hirewell has been at the forefront of Talent Acquisition and Recruiting. They help companies grow and attract top talent for them. Not only do they help with these areas, but they also promote positive hiring strategies and educate companies on new practices.

Hirewell has noticed a 41% decrease in the hiring of contract labor work.  In the past year, salaries have risen while contract work premiums have remained flat.  With the rise in salaries during the past year, there isn’t a need for FTE (Full Time Equivalent) employees to go into contract work solely for the money. This is specifically good news for recruiters and software engineers who are entering the space right now!  There are many open contract roles going into Q2!

If you are curious about other hiring trends going into Q2 and the increase in salaries, check out Hirewell’s website

By Josh Amaya
Josh Amaya Senior Career Coach